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Danish ceramic design handmade in Copenhagen


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In light of "Hygge"

That moment when coziness hits the right balance is a special time. Don't try to put it into's to be enjoyed. A moment by candlelight, or warm ambience under a poised lamp,
There are a couple of ways to get there:

Porre candleholder

Vue lamp

Materials: ceramic stoneware

"share the moment with ..."


Just add water

Nature isn't just for the great outdoors. Bringing a little into your personal space is also very necessary. A simple flower, an extravagant arrangement, or a collection of wild blooms put together on the walk home.
It's whatever you choose:

3-in-1 vase 

Materials: ceramic stoneware

"picked to be wild and refined."


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Enjoy in the company of others.

The arc of a good story leads you to a satisfying conclusion, and everyone has a story to share. Whether it's the tale of last weeks spontaneous voyage to somewhere told over coffee and tea, or tomorrow's hopes expressed in intimate company.
There are multiple ways to set the stage:

Arc tableware

Materials: ceramic stoneware

"a collection of curated stories."


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Don't mind the attention.

It's not easy being the center of attention but, it happens. Either It's your birthday, and you're being celebrated. You might host a dinner for old friends, and they're happy you connected again. It could be that you simply entered the room.
It's ok when you choose to be you:

Shard earpins

Drop earrings

Dot earpins

Spot earpins 

Materials: ceramic stoneware & porcelain

"what's your story?"



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Wall pieces

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One off's

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Signe Bailey 

Clayform founder & a Co-Owner of The Danish Ceramic Factory

Living with objects that elicit an emotional connection, and sharing that with others is a luxury. For me, this type of luxury is an exciting space to play and create.

This is the motivation behind establishing Clayform as a ceramic lifestyle brand. My interest is in producing unique design objects, that have both a functional purpose, and affect the space around them with their aesthetic. The Inspiration for this comes from the great diversity in form that makes up the human body, and the world around us on a micro level. This focus on detail, clear expression in form language, and a high standard of quality, follows in the cultural tradition of Danish ceramic design.

All products are handmade in Denmark and formed in either white stoneware or porcelain.